Sunday, April 12, 2009


"Spilling Guts Series"
Urethane on Acrylic, Mix Medium
~ 1 ft X 2.5 ft/ 2 ft X 3.5 ft/ 2 ft X 4 ft/


+ This Easter weekend my sister and I went back home to chill out with our folks. My mom made lovely dinners and treated me like i was in a spa. It was really nice to go home before I went crazy because of all the assignments I had to get done. But I was productive at home so I'm in a better position than I thought. I started a new piece and abandon my other painting, it was a risky position I put myself into but I was really unhappy with my work. I decided to take my paintings into a 3D form, a new approach to the medium and also style. After working so hard on my sculptures I feel like I can't stop making works that has a life to its own. It might be an argument between my prof and I but this is what I want to do and the more I fight for my work the more I will believe in what I am making. I'm really excited about these piece !

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