Saturday, April 18, 2009


Lithography & Screenprint
30"x 20"
Collaboration: Paddy Leung & Leah Ataide

+ This will be the 2nd collaborative show I've been apart of. Leah and I had planed to do this together and we just started yesterday. The design is from me, but leah is in charge of printing and maybe she'll do her magic tricks with her famous washes she does. I look forward to see the out come of this print and I'm happy that I'm doing this with her. There couldn't be a better person than to do it with someone you love.

+ please come to the opening, it be so awesome to see you there <3


  1. i saw leah today!!! she told me about this and i was excited! i can't wait to see the final prints.

  2. oh snap that print looks illy