Saturday, May 9, 2009

+ my newest friend Nitasha Mc Knight

+ Yesterday was another busy and eventful day; I got the chance to catch up with my high school teacher. It was good to see her again although it was hard to really sit down and talk, we still got to see each other very briefly. Then I rushed to Eaton Center to spend some fun shopping -ness with one of my favorite friend AND photographer; Michael Ching. By 14:00 I spent a few ours wondering around in 401 Richmond Gallery.

+Another happy accident happened yesterday when I was walking up to the 2nd floor of 401 Richmond, I came across to this office that displayed really interesting mask. When I walked in I thought it was a store until I realized it was a small office. There was a lady sitting by the desk and she was really nice to let me in. We talked about the masks and how the artist makes it. It was a small theater company that he produces and makes masks for his shows. Check out their website at

+ finally my night ended helping my friend to pack, I spent most of the time sitting and waiting but i didn't mind. I was only there because I knew she will be gone for the month.

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