Thursday, July 9, 2009


  1. hey paddy :)

    your teeth monsters are cute! so how many blogs do you keep track of? there are so many! but i like them all!

    so what have you been up to! hope to see you around :)


  2. Hey Jess,

    Thanks for checking my blogs :) I'm glade you like them, I try my best to keep up with all my blogs lol I sometime forget to update after a while -_-. Multitasking is hard work but it pays off when i got reader like you looking at my blogs :)

    My summer has been the most boring summer ever lol besides catching up with friends. I haven't got money to travel of to do fun shopping. Very limited to materials to make new art because i got no money. BUT i just got hired as a front desk, hopefully that will change somethings.

    how about you ?