Friday, July 31, 2009


"Asphyxia" - STICKERS
~ 3" X 4"
Collaboration: Paddy Leung & Leah Ataide


  1. that's so cool paddy! how did you make all of those! i also like your zine!

    i haven't really been up to much this summer, just work and bumming around :)
    How is your job!

    - Jess

  2. We silck screen the stickers and packaged it ourseleves :) We are hoping to sell them durring November at my school.

    My summer was like that in the begining, now slowly I'm starting to work on some new art work. But the most exciting part of this summer is making the toy for Darkmatters.

    Its hard to ballance everything, but its managable. My job is pretty chillax, lots of old people and regular costumer coming in. I get fed a lot and I mainly just sit down with my lap top. I get long hours and work at 4 - 12 am though -_-

    btw do you have blog?

    - ME

  3. Hi paddy :)
    sounds very cool!

    i can't wait to see the toys you make :) it sounds like a very cool project.

    lol food at work. sounds pretty sweet! lol thats crazy! you work crazy hours.

    i do have a blog :) lol but it isn't a blogspot. its a xanga blog. my username is viva_glamourous. i haven't been updating it as of lately though.

    i should get on that. :)

    - jess

  4. Hey paddy! It's Ashley from OCAD lovin` your blog and darkmattersonline looks sooo :) I got that website I was telling you about:
    Hopefully it's got something that will be useful to you

    See you at school, and thanks again for the toy. I hope I can submit something at some point, I told Brian about it :) He really liked your toy too!

    ps. you're awesome.