Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet OBI, my mini band saw <3

+ I'm totally excited about the gifts I got this year, really not expected to my very own band saw! It was a total surprise when I got a phone call this morning from Leah. I knew we were going to hang out and have lunch but not a gift like this baby ! I don't even know what I'm gonna tell my parents... this is way better then anything I wished for this years gift :). I'm so excited to install this in my work studio, then im gonna get my own belt sander, table saw etc . :D It feels like she just bought me a car or a house - this is so precious to me, I'm so looking forward to make awesome work!


  1. AHHH I WANT A BANDSAW!!! So many uses for it. Congrats!

  2. So this is what you were talking about! You must be on your way home or wandering through the streets looking for the moon. Thanks for dinner and the vintage Polaroid! I'm glad I found my 600, but can't wait to use this one.

    Enjoy those lavender funfetti cream cheese frosting cupycakes. Happy belated birthday!