Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello Everyone,

NGA4 has officially launched today - check out our website. To order the toy please check our online storewhere you can personally contact us.

In addition, I would personally like to thank to all my friends who has contributed to darkmatters first project. Without their help I wouldn't be able to complete the project. Its been amazing experience to work with everyone and would hope to continue too have more people get involved with darkmatters.

But for now I like to thank to the following dear friends who helped darkmatters:
Season Chan - Stickers
Calvin Yeung - founder of the darkmatters official font
Jamie Leung - Awesome DMS Artist Interview
Anthony Hong - Offsite photo shots
Michael Ching - fabulous product photo shots
Leah Ataide - Assistant Screen Printing the packages
Amy Chyan - Creator of the Video Promo for NGA4
Eugene Kan - Assistant with the PR Package

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