Monday, October 19, 2009


+Arrive in New York's Port Authority station at 8:30am!
+Took the train to Jazz on the Park hostel and found out that we cannot do early check-in
+Walked to Tom's Restaurant for Breakfast
+Visited the Cathedral
+Checked out Columbia University
+Had a hot aple cider at Hungarian Pastry Shop
+Took the train to Columbus Circle and went to Borders Bookshop
+Went back to the hostel to check-in, took a shower, and a power nap for 20 minutes
*At 5pm we went to MoMA, which was FREE!
+And then for dinner, we went to Stardust diner where the waitstaff sings!
*Walked around Times Square at night --> paddy buys I <3 NY tees
+At 10:30 ish we head back to the hostel and call it a night!

jackson pollock
Full Fathom Five. 1947.
Oil on canvas with nails, tacks, buttons, key, coins, cigarettes, matches,


+Wake up at 8am to grab our free breakfast, which kinda sucked, bagel + coffee + grape jam + a orange
+At 10:30am we head out, Paddy goes to Penn Station to meet up with Jess, and Amanda goes to Whym to have brunch with Sandy from Wokai
*Amanda goes to Central Park entrance to meet up with Paddy and Jess, but they dont show up, so she volunteers to give Free Hugs with a random lady she meets by the statue and she sees QUEEN LATIFAH (who doesnt give her a hug, cause she wants to jog)
+Amanda sees Paddy at 1pm (supposed to be at 12:30) and she gets food at the market
+Jess FINALLY arrives and we all go to central park for a scenic walk!
*Then we grab a bite at Lanskys Jewish Deli for reallly good pastrami grilled cheese sandwhich, mac and cheese, and bread pudding mmmmmm
+Went to bookstore to find out the mystery word that i forgot and turns out it was
autism. but jess and paddy were thinking of something else... perhaps aspringer
+Then we subwayed to times square in hopes to find theatre tickets, but we didnt get the lottery tickets for west side story – boo hoo
+Met up with Jess' new friend Ray who is from Hong kong. Paddy and jess go to the marriott for the nicest bathroom ever!
+We walk to radio city and rockefellar centre and stopped by Dean and Deluca for hot chocolate and apple cider
+Then we took the subway to see empire state building and Macy's
+Then we take the taxi to St. Marks for some Japanese food at Kenza's! It was a packed restaurant and we had a seafood hot pot, and sashimi, sooo goood and we were so full! they also had a cotton candy machine! and the waiter was cute (nice features), but the restaurant had lots of dirty images of naked ladies ..... weird japanese sexual posters (inappropriate for children!)
+We take the subway home but Ray tells us to get off at the wrong stop -_- jerk.
+We get back to the hostel at 11:30am and sleep at 12:15, but the room was so cold!!!


*Slept in till 9 and then we packed our stuff, checked out and left the hostel at 10:30
+Take the train to Fulton St. (financial district) to meet up with Jess and her friend Rose, but we couldn't find the place, so we had an asiago cheese bagel at au bon pain
*We drop off our stuff at Rose's apartment and then we walk to stone st. near wall st. for some ALL YOU CAN EAT BRUNCH at Ulysses --> soo goood all for 20 bucks!
+Then we walked throuh Wall St and saw the New York Stock Exchange (COOOL)
+Then we walked to SoHo but it was super windy and cold
*Then around 2pm we started shopping along broadway street and paddy made some purchases at uniglow plus a red hat at urban outfitters, whereas amanda gets new shoes (cause her hooker boots were killing her feet) that look like elf shoes at CHILLS and also ends up getting a top there too.
+After a few hours at 7:30, we leave and rush to the bus station, only finding out that our bus was leaving at 10:45, not 8:30!
*So we went to greenwich village to bleeker st. (but we got lost a few times cause jess kept directing us to the wrong direction) and we had dinner at the hummus place!
+Then we leave and say bye bye to jess at her penn stn stop and then we go to port authority for our bus and we meet a korean guy, who is sitting behind us now on the bus as we are writing this recap of our fantastic new york trip at precisely 11:22pm on Sunday, October 18th. THE END =)

Jim Lambie
Gaffer tape and printed paper on wall


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