Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yesterday was a long day, I was not prepared to print all 40 boxes would be so much work. On the other hand the packaging looks stunningly beautiful. Thanks to Leah's printing expertise I was able to finish them all in one day. It took use about 7 hours to finish them, without her help there was no way I could get them done on time.

WHAT'S NEXT WITH darkmatters?
OCT 2 : Video Promo Film shoot by ayl
OCT 3: 2nd Photo Shoot with michael ching
OCT 10: Official Website launched
OCT 31: Official TOY LAUNCH

more updates will be posted soon - ALMOST DONE!


  1. Its amazing what I can make with a H&M paper shopping bag - getting ready for Halloween

  2. Hey paddy, greatwork! Do you think we'll make money off the bag? LOL :)

  3. im planning to make them for this thing I have my school called the Books Arts SALE in Dec 5th along with my zine works and maybe toys if there is any left :D