Sunday, November 22, 2009

I got this text last night from David, I was smiling from ear to ear <3. This was very flattering to know there are people who sincerely really like my stuff. I feel like I've accomplished a lot after working with darkmatters first toy, I can't wait to do more projects.

OH speaking of more projects, my sister's friend who works for Youth Council Society of Toronto asked me if I like to come in and talk to young teens about my Art work and darkmatters. They want me to create a mural of some sort with the kids to create the space more artsy and a fun space for the teens. This is so exciting to give back to the community <3

NGA4 toy inspired cute drawing by I. Arcticus

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  1. I think there are great things ahead for you. You're blowing up the internets with your unique art.