Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I apologize for this image, new pictures will be posted as soon as I get my camera back

I started this painting a week ago and its slowly coming along, however I wouldn't say I'm satisfied with it so far. On the bright side, I'm enjoy painting on these small wooden panels. Its been a while to paint on a flat surface, maybe not totally flat but for most part this feel fresh.


Its been a year since I made any sculptures besides casting resin figures. I'm hoping with in a few weeks I might start working on a project . There is have a few drawings I did over the year and I'm thinking of making them into sculptures instead of paintings. Any who, I was looking through my sketchbook/agenda and I found this drawing that I really like . I'm hoping to transform this drawing into a sculpture. In addition I would like to work in a larger scale for this sculpture, I can't wait to start !

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