Thursday, June 10, 2010

NGA4 series (double sided drawing)
Ink Pen on Paper
4''x 3''

Redrawing of NGA 4 for another upcoming show at Sleeping Giant Gallery


  1. i love all this videos that you are posting. the colours of the teeth gum is really vibrant too. how are you framing this series?

  2. I love your line work on this. What song is that in the video? I'm interested in it.

  3. Sves: Thanks, I'm starting to get the hang of editing film. I admire other artist documenting their work. I have about 6 of those hand made acrylic frames. Its going to be displayed on a floating white self - come to the opening if your in town !

    Why did you move to a different blog site
    email me :

  4. Paddy,
    I sent you the email.

    This is my response to your new NGA4 series: